Abstracts and Papers

   In order to submit your two-page abstract written in English or Russian you should at first
register yourself. After that you will receive an e-mail confirming your
 registration. Using your
private information (login and password) you can login to
 the site and upload abstract (both
*.tex   and  *.pdf  files) using your profile.
 Abstract submission will be online only. 

   The deadline for uploading an abstract is March 31, 2013. Only ONE contributed abstract is
allowed for each participant. Another paper may be submitted if it is
 written in co-authorship,
but your co-author should register himself.

   It is strongly recommended to follow the instructions which you can find in the abstract

   After the standard peer-review procedure of all abstracts, you will receive the confirmation
(by May 1, 2013) on the acceptance of your abstract. 
The book of abstracts will be published
before opening the conference.

   Attention! After the conference the extended versions of the selected papers written in
English will be published in the special book volume in the Springer
 series “Advanced
Structures Materials”.
Other papers written in English or 
Russian can be published in the
special issues of the two Belarusian
scientific journals,  “Mechanics of Machines, Mechanisms
and Materials”
Vestnik BGU (Bulletin of Belarusian State University)”, and in the special
of the scientific journal of Saratov State University “Izvesti’a Saratovskogo Universiteta.
Seri’a “Matematika, Mechanika, Informatika”
after the standard 
peer-review procedure.

   Papers not presented at the conference will be neither accepted for publication in the special
book volume nor recommended for publishing in the special issues
 of the journals mentioned