Conference Topics

Basic Topics of the Conference are the following: 

1.     Mathematical problems of the theory of thin-walled structures

2.     Coupled fields in the theory of plates and shells

3.     Thin-walled elements in modeling of biomechanical systems

4.     Non-classical theories of shells, plates and rods in modeling of micro- and
 nanoscale structures and objects

5.     Mechanics of membrane and films and its application in biophysics and medicine

6.     Industrial applications of  the beam, plate and shell theories

7.     Composite thin-walled structures

8.     Numerical and experimental methods of analysis of thin-walled structures

9.     Mathematical and numerical modeling of biomechanical systems

10.    Educational aspects in biomechanics and nanomechanics 

but not restricted by these items.

Scientists wishing to organize the work of  a section corresponding  to  an area  of their
expertise are invited to submit the appropriate propositions  to either Prof. H. Altenbach
( or  Prof.  G.  Mikhasev (